Gabriel Rifflart

Lawyer - Partner

Areas of expertise

  • Tax law
  • Business law

A lawyer at the Brussels Bar since 2005, Gabriel focuses his practice on tax law, both direct taxation (IPP, ISOC,…) and indirect taxation (VAT, registration rights,…), as well as tax optimisation, inheritance planning and regularisation, and on business law.

He is a graduate in law from the Catholic University of Louvain (2004), in business law from the University of Ghent (2005) and in tax law from the School of Fiscal Science (2010).

After an initial experience in business law, Gabriel joined Lawtax in 2011.

He practices in French, Dutch and English.

He has contributed to a number of papers, including « La déduction des charges professionnelles 2015 », Anthémis, 2015, and to conferences.