Tax Law

The lawyers of the Association advise their clients within the framework of operations involving direct taxes (individual taxes, corporate taxes, legal entity taxes and non-resident taxes), added value tax and registration rights. They also organise and plan for inheritance.

They assist their clients in the context of disputes with the tax administration. In general, they are involved from the beginning of the administrative procedure. They are also called upon to represent clients before justice, both in the lower courts and on appeal.

Finally, the lawyers of the Association provide support to their clients in the framework of the introduction of a request for an advance ruling with the tax administration. Obtaining such a decision allows clients to enjoy legal security regarding the fiscal effects of the operation that they wish to perform.

Intellectual property rights

The lawyers of the Association advise their customers within the framework of their IP strategy. Therefore, the lawyers of the Association are regularly involved in drafting agreements and consultations relating to copyright law and trademark law.

They have also developed special expertise in the tax handling of income that results from the use of intellectual property.

Financial criminal law

Criminal prosecution in the case of financial and fiscal matters is becoming increasingly frequent. The exchange of information between the different tax administrations around the world will further strengthen this situation. Intentional violation of the Income Tax Code is liable to lead to a criminal investigation. The lawyers of the Association assist their clients who are being investigated for tax evasion and money laundering. They also intervene as a preventive measure by advising them within the framework of tax regularisation procedures and the possible repatriation of funds in Belgium.

Since the Salduz judgement made by the European Court of Human Rights and the amendment of the Code of Criminal Investigation of 2011, any person has the right, before being interviewed about offences that may be attributed to him/her, to consult privately with a lawyer of his or her choice when the case which may be made against him or her concerns an offence, the penalty for which may give rise to the issuance of an arrest warrant.

Business law

The lawyers of the Association advise and defend their clients, notably within the framework of drafting contracts, business takeovers or sales, the acquisition or the sale of shares or company parts, procedures for judicial reorganisation or bankruptcy as well as all other questions, litigation or judicial proceedings related to corporate life.