Clear and precise initial information

Lawyers are paid in fees. Their work includes all of the services that a lawyer must perform to carry out his or her mission. Some are clearly visible, but many other tasks necessary to carrying out the mandate correctly are less so.

Our association, in compliance with the ethical rules laid out by the Bar, informs our clients, in a letter confirming the first appointment, of the method that will be used to calculate the fees, expenses and disbursements. In particular, it is specified in this letter that the pricing is applicable from the first meeting, even if it does not lead to the performance of additional services. The general terms and conditions of the Association are also annexed to this letter.

An agreement over fees in order to avoid any ambiguity

At the end of the first meeting, our Association signs a fee agreement with the client in which the particular financial conditions applicable to the case for which the association has been hired are determined.

When the Association’s mission is centred on a dispute, the agreement, with a view to calculating success fees, mentions an estimate of the possible outcome of the dispute. The outcome can be reviewed, in particular due to an increase in the amount claimed by or from the client. In this case, the Association will inform the client in writing of any increase in the outcome.

Hourly Rate

In principle, the association’s hourly rate is EUR 250 (excluding VAT).

This basic rate may be increased in the event of an urgent request for intervention and it becomes the hourly rate of EUR 350. Emergency intervention includes any duty involving services in the evening, at the weekend or requiring immediate availability. The Association will inform the client when the premium rate applies.

Success Fees

In addition to the hourly rate applied to services, in the case of full or partial success in a dispute (administrative or judicial) definitively acquired on behalf of the customer, the fees (excluding costs) of the association which follows the successful outcome will be increased by a success fee that is calculated on the basis of the amounts recovered or debts avoided, principal and interest, plus the fines, penalties or increments.

The rate of this results-based fee is 10% for all sums under EUR 100 000 and 5% for all sums in excess of this amount.

Expenses and Disbursements

Expenses are set at a flat rate of 20% of the fees. For the detail of the expenses covered by this package, please refer to the general conditions.

However, this flat rate does not include the procedural costs (bailiff costs, clerk costs, etc.) and other potential disbursements (including the administrative costs of civil status documents or other documents, or the fees of a sworn translator or an expert). They will be added to the client account as a supplement on the basis of supporting documents or claimed directly by the third party intervening (bailiff, translator, expert, …).

Third party payer intervention

It may be that the customer is in possession of legal protection insurance. In this case, the client must inform the Association in a timely manner and initiate, without delay, the steps required with the insurer or broker to solicit the payment of all or part of the fees and expenses of the Association.

Not withstanding the potential intervention from the insurer, the customer alone is responsible to the Association for the payment for the full fees, costs and taxes relating to the services performed by the Association.